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Bill Booth’s musical influences cover a wide range, stretching from Americana, celtic and nordic folk to country, blues and rock. A singer songwriter with fiddle and guitar he has led a life of frequent journeys. From the folk and dance halls of rural New England to Louisiana and the deep south to the city streets of New York

and the far shores of Scandinavia, Booth has soaked up musical influences all along the way.


His sixth solo album of self-penned songs is a testimony to this with a hearty mix of Americana flavored celtic folk and acoustic rock featuring an international lineup of musicians from America, Norway and Ireland. He has in addition written dozens of songs recorded by a wide range of artists.

Bill Booth’s fiddle and mandolin playing can be

heard on many album releases ranging from rock bands CC Cowboys and Åge Alexandersen to folk and country artists Steinar Albrigtsen and Tom Pacheco.


Bill first came to Oslo on tour with a band from New York and quickly received offers from established Norwegian acts. He has produced, mixed and engineered a number of albums and singles including his own highly acclaimed

”Some Distant Shore”. In addition, he was signed with prestigious Nashville music publishing house Tillis Tunes.


Said about Bill Booth:


“..Glorious...with a huge charm..”

Acoustic Magazine, UK.

“.. never wavers in its all absorbing attraction.. this is raw, revealing music.” Folk Words, UK.

”One of the American singer-songwriters you can’t get enough of!” Extrabladet, Denmark

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